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Past clinicians include the following.
Carl Madsen (St. Charles, MO, NFL-Umpire #92/Video Replay)
Carl Madsen has made six appearances as a clinician at the Sioux Empire Football Officials Camp in Sioux Falls. Carl attended the camp’s initial sessions, and has been back nearly every year. He has become a good friend to many officials in the area, and has shared a ton of officiating information and stories at the camp. Carl is entering his 13th year in the NFL, and has had eight post-season assignments, including one Pro Bowl. Over the past year, Carl has made the transition from the field to the press box where he is now working as a video replay official for the NFL. Prior to joining the NFL staff, Carl worked in the Gateway Conference, where he worked the NCAA D-IAA Championship Game in 1996. Carl also spent time in NFL-Europe and officiated the World Bowl Championship in 1997 in Barcelona, Spain. Carl started his officiating career in the greater St. Louis area and worked a Missouri State Championship Game in 1988. He has also officiated basketball and served as an official basketball interpreter for the Missouri High School Activities Association from 1989-1997, where he worked two state high school basketball finals. Carl is a representative for an independent furniture manufacturer between football assignments.
Joe Larrew (Bridgeton, MO, NFL-Side Judge #73)
Joe Larrew has made five appearances as a clinician at the Sioux Empire Football Officials Camp in Sioux Falls. Joe has been a highlight of past camps with his wit and his continued needling of Carl Madsen. He too has shared significant insight into the officiating avocation. Joe will be starting his eighth year in the NFL next fall. He was selected to work the Pro Bowl in 2004 and has worked several NFL playoff games. Prior to his entry into the NFL, Joe worked in the Big Ten Conference and the Gateway Conference, where he worked the NCAA D-IAA Championship game in 1996. Joe spent three years in NFL-Europe, capped off with the World Bowl Championship in 2001 in Amsterdam, Holland. Joe’s career started in 1978 in the greater St Louis area, where he worked a Missouri State Championship game in 1990. Prior to landing an on-field job with the NFL, Joe worked as the play clock operator for St Louis Rams games from 1995-2001. Joe is a practicing attorney, specializing in labor law, and also serves as a Magistrate Judge in Bridgeton, MO.
Mike Spanier (Sartell, MN, NFL-Line Judge #90)
Mike Spanier has made four appearances as a clinician at the Sioux Empire Football Officials Camp in Sioux Falls. Mike has been a big hit with area officials. As a guy who grew up in the area, and still referees college basketball in the area, a number of local officials were already familiar with Mike. He is starting his eleventh year in the NFL, and worked the Chicago Bears-New Orleans Saints NFC Championship Game a few years ago. He has had several post-season assignments in the NFL. Prior to making the jump to the NFL, Mike spent six years working in the Big Ten and also worked in NFL-Europe for three years. Before that Mike worked in the North Central Conference. Mike is also an accomplished basketball official who spent ten years in the Big Ten prior to being hired by the NFL. Mike continues to work Division II and Division III basketball in the Minnesota/South Dakota/North Dakota area today. Mike has been the middle school principal in Sartell, MN for the past 25 years.
William (Bill) F. Carollo (Shorewood, WI, retired NFL-Referee #63/Coordinator of Football Officials for the Big Ten)
Bill Carollo has made three appearance as a clinician at the Sioux Empire Football Officials Camp in Sioux Falls. Bill also made a previous visit to a Sioux Falls area regional meeting in September, 2006, where he made an outstanding presentation. Bill is a veteran of the NFL officiating ranks, completing 20 seasons with the AFC Championship game in Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore. Bill entered the NFL in 1989, and as soon as he became eligible, he has consistently worked post season playoff games. He reached the pinnacle in 1996 when he officiated Super Bowl XXX between the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 2004, Bill was the Referee for Super Bowl XXXVII (Oakland-Tampa Bay). He has worked eight NFL championships, including the Indianapolis-New England contest in 2006. Before entering the NFL, Bill worked in the Big Ten where he worked the 1988 Rose Bowl. Bill has also served as the Executive Director of the NFL Referees Association, a position he vacated only a few years agao. In May of 2008 the Big Ten Conference announced Bill as the new Coordinator of Football Officials starting January 1, 2009. Bill’s responsibilities have expanded to include the Mid-American (MAC) and the Missouri Valley Football Conference as the Coordinator of Football Officials for the newly created Midwest Football Officials Alliance. He has also officiated collegiate basketball, and served as the official scorer for the Milwaukee Brewers for a number of years. When not on the field, Bill previously worked as Vice President & General Manager – Global Sales at Manpower.
William (Bill) LeMonnier (Tinley Park, IL, Big 10—Referee)
Bill LeMonnier made his first appearance as a clinician at the Sioux Empire Football Officials Clinic in 2009. The Clinic was happy to have Bill join our panel of expert clinicians, as he is the consummate officiating consultant. Bill has helped develop USA Football, an officiating website dedicated to furthering the education of football officials. As a Big 10 official for the past 15 years, Bill has distinguished himself by earning many of the major games in that conference, and he has been selected to work 12 bowl games, including the Fiesta, Orange, Holiday and Cotton Bowls. Bill also worked eight years in the Arena Football League, capped off with Arena Bowl XVII. No game is too big and no game is too small for Bill, as evidenced by the weekend he spent in Lincoln, NE and Sioux City, IA working indoor football at a time that indoor football was very much a novelty in this area. Bill has also been a presenter/clinician at NASO Meetings, the Big Ten and numerous other clinics, including international appearances. Bill is a retired school administrator in the Chicago area.
John (Butch) Mascarello (Plattsmouth, NE, Big 12—Umpire)
Butch Mascarello made his first appearance as a clinician at the Sioux Empire Football Officials Clinic in 2009. Butch is an example of the local man making it to the big time. As a Big 12 official for only the past five years, Butch has distinguished himself quickly, working bowl games in each of the past three seasons (2007 Champs Sports Bowl; 2008 Motor City Bowl, 2010 Rose Bowl). Butch is a native of Omaha, NE and played football at the University of Kansas. He started his high school officiating career in 1985 and moved to the college ranks in the Nebraska-Iowa Athletic Conference (GPAC today) in 1994. The highlight of his NAIA officiating career occurred in 1998, when he was part of an Omaha area crew that worked the NAIA National Championship Game. Butch is a professional engineer with Alvine Engineering in Omaha, and is an avid fisherman in his spare time.

Sioux Empire Football Officiating Clinicians work BCS Championship Game

Two collegiate football officials who have served as clinicians at the Sioux Empire Football Officials Clinic in Sioux Falls, South Dakota were selected to officiate the BCS National Championship Football Game last January in Glendale, Arizona.
Bill LeMonnier and Dave Chesney were part of the seven man Big Ten football crew that took the field for the Oregon—Auburn game, pitting two undefeated college football teams against each other for the National Championship. LeMonnier headed the crew as the Referee and Chesney worked on the line scrimmage at Line Judge. Both men have regularly worked post season bowl games and work a full schedule of Big Ten football games throughout the fall.
LeMonnier first served as a clinician at the 2009 Sioux Empire Clinic and returned in 2010. LeMonnier quickly found respect from the officials attending the clinic with his tremendous knowledge of football officiating. As one of the founders of USA Football, an organization dedicated to the development of football officials throughout the country and internationally, LeMonnier is nearly a one man football officiating clinician. Clinic attendees praised his style, presentation and commitment to football officiating. One clinician commented that the Bill is so approachable with questions and is always willing to help. “This guy is incredible. He really cares about our avocation and he is willing to get down in the trenches with guys and really work. I learned a ton of things from him,” said one clinic attendee.
Chesney was recruited for the clinic last year and was an immediate hit. His breakout session was one of the most popular and he offered great insight to the full group during his bigger presentation. Like LeMonnier, Chesney was very approachable with questions and instructions for improving their officiating. On attendee added, “This clinic just keeps getting better every year, and the addition of Dave Chesney brought still another dimension to the clinic. I will definitely be back next year, and I hope that Dave is back too.”
The Sioux Empire Football Officials Clinic  has consistently drawn a who’s who list of clinicians including LeMonnier and Chesney. Bill Carollo, Supervisor of the Midwest Football Officials Coalition and former NFL Referee with Super Bowls under his belt, has made three appearances, and the clinic has also drawn NFL officials Carl Madsen, Joe Larrew and Mike Spanier as well as John (Butch) Mascerello of the Big Twelve.